What personally identifiable information is collected on this site?

For visitors who request more information, we collect name, address, phone, e-mail address and, optionally, company information. For visitors who register for the product maillings we only collect email address and name.

How is it used?

This data is used solely for internal marketing and sales efforts; it is never shared with third party organizations or made available to the general public. An Inwood sales person uses it to contact the party requesting information to assist them. In some cases Inwood Models may send an e-mail to answer questions or provide information. In the case of the mail lists we will from time to time send email newsletters or product releases pertinent to our product. If at any time a visitor wants to withdraw their name this can be done by sending a email to Inwood with the subject of 'REMOVE ME'



The information is stored on our web server but is not publicly accessible from our web site. It is e-mailed to an Inwood sales person. Any visitor who prefers not to provide this information online, or who would like to make corrections, can contact our marketing department directly at sales@inwoodmodels.co.uk, or call 01480 411519 and ask for sales.


What anonymous information is collected on this site?

Anonymous clickstream information is collected for every visitor to this site. This includes pages viewed, date, time, and browser type. IP numbers are not stored, but are temporarily used to determine domain type and in some cases, geographic region. There is no association between this information and a visitor's identity.


How is anonymous information used?

The information is used by us to build anonymous profiles. These profiles are accessed by Inwood Models personnel for the express purpose of determining how traffic is moving through the site.


For more information If you have any questions, concerns or comments, please e-mail sales@inwoodmodels.co.uk